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Status Report - 2016.05.01 - Prepress Begins
about 6 years ago – Wed, May 18, 2016 at 02:14:53 AM

This week we begin our homestretch run to submit files to the manufacturer by June 1. We have a ton of stuff to get in order this week so this update will be short and to the point. We will send out the next update on Sunday, May 8, and it will have some pretty graphics.  :)

If you have other questions not answered in this email, please contact us at!

Errored Payments

If your card has errored Kickstarter should send you an email asking you to resolve the issue. If your card is incompatible with Kickstarter system, or continue to have trouble, we can make alternate arrangements, but please try to resolve it with Kickstarter first.

Pledge Manager

Did you forget to add an extra copy on for your grandma? Don't worry! As stated on the campaign page, we will be using a pledge manager. For those that are new to Kickstarter, a pledge manager is essentially a survey system creators like Roxley can use to ensure that have your order correct. It will also allow you to manage your pledge and make adjustments. 

We have not decided which pledge manager to use yet, but we'd love to hear from you. Email and let us know your favorite pledge manager to use!  We may also include the ability for people who missed the campaign to late pledge, however this will be at an increased price.

Print and Play

We have received some emails from people requesting the PnP files. The PnP files will not be complete until close to the end of May. After the Print and Play level backers receive their download link, we will provide the files to regular backers.   Please do not submit Print and Play file requests to us, as we will direct you how to do this in a future update!  Thanks so much!


Gord and our many hard working and amazing editors will head up the completion of the rulebook. We would like to have all god wording finalized by May 15 or so to allow for 2 weeks for graphic design and final editing before our June 1 file submission deadline. 

Once we have completed the final base rules, we will request volunteers for helping translate the rulebook and Pantheon into various languages.  We will make other language rules available for download on our website!  Please do not submit volunteer offers to us until we request it in a future update, likely in June!

Artwork & Graphic Design

This week, David and Lina will begin working on the tiles and special graphics. They will also be wrapping up the final 3 gods. After that, they will be working on the art for the Storybook. Gavan will be working this week on the graphic design for the god cards, rulebook template and box cover.

This week's homebrew is not really homebrew, but it IS totally awesome. One of our backers submitted an accurate giant version of our ground level block made from lego.  It would be great fun to play an entire giant game with these babies.  Amazing!

Status Report - 2016.05.08 - Santorini on Tabletopia
about 6 years ago – Wed, May 18, 2016 at 02:14:34 AM

Below is our status report graphic.  We will feature one of these in each update going forward.  It will give you an general feel of how close we are to completion in different areas of the production of the game.

Tabletopia - The fine folks at Tabletopia have implemented a beta version of Santorini!  Tabletopia is a sandbox style boardgame system, which means the computer doesn't enforce the rules, so you'll need to understand how the game works before playing it here.   You can access the Tabletopia Santorini beta here.  They have also compiled a list of tips and tricks for playing Santorini on Tabletopia.  If you have any questions or issues with Tabletopia, please contact them directly at

Final Balancing - our development team, specifically Gord, Paul Saxberg, Matt Tolman, Joe McDaid and Orin Bishop have been working on stress testing the newer gods to ensure they are reasonably balanced.  There have been changes to various god powers, which we will reveal as soon as they are finalized.

Rulebook draft - Gord and our editors continue to be revising and editing the rulebook to ensure that we have the text draft ready for May 15.  They have put a lot of time into ensuring the language used is simple enough for families, but also comprehensive.   Once this is complete, Gavan will be creating the final rulebook in InDesign.  We will be releasing the final draft to the backers prior to sending for manufacturing to ensure there are no typos, and also so that we can address any final frequent questions or confusion.

Artwork - Mr.Cuddington have completed Prometheus!  They will then be working the story book this week.

Manufacturing - We are getting final quotation from our manufacturer and organizing quantities.  

Pledge Manager - We will also be making a decision on which pledge manager to use within the next few days.  Once this decision has been made, and implemented, we will setup an option for late backers to join in at a higher cost.  We will allow late backers to join until we are required to give final numbers to the manufacturer.  The pledge manager will also allow you folks to order copies of Roxley's other games.  

Promethius - God of Forethought - Build before and after you move. If you do this, you cannot move up.

This week we received photos from what is probably the most over-the-top and awesome Santorini homebrew to date.  Print and Play backer Erick Lefrère has put a huge amount of effort into building his own copy of the game, which he calls Santorini - Olympus Edition.  Fantastic work, Erick!

Board in action- by Erick Lefrère
Board in action- by Erick Lefrère
Custom built play surface platform - by Erick Lefrère
Custom built play surface platform - by Erick Lefrère
Golden Fleece Mini - Erick Lefrère
Golden Fleece Mini - Erick Lefrère

Not too wide, but quite tall.
about 6 years ago – Tue, May 03, 2016 at 09:16:47 PM

It's been 30 days, but it actually feels like it's been 30 weeks ... or has it been 30 minutes?  When you are this sleep deprived, you have no concept of time.   

The campaign ended with an intense bout with $700k, with only a few minutes to spare and a few hundred dollars short.  Those of us in the comments felt as though we were watching some sort of numeric championship sporting event.  It was intense!

A Different Type of Campaign

This campaign was not only a drive to get Santorini funded, it represents much more. From the start of the campaign until now, with the amazing work of Mr. Cuddington, we have now completed roughly 80% the artwork in the game.  We also have a good head start on our tutorial video series and final ruleset thanks to Joe McDaid, Simon Rourke, Michael Van Biesbrouck, Lee Mitchell, Richard Castle, Mario Radmilovic, Patrick Dombrowski and many others!  In essence, a huge portion of the creation of this game was built live during the campaign.   

Your input has been invaluable.  Your criticisms helped us do better, and your kind words kept us motivated.  There are so many people we need to thank, that we are just going to say, thank you to you all.

When you play this game for the first time, remember that you helped make it. This campaign was a shining example of what crowdfunding is all about.

Fortnightly updates  

Keeping you informed is extremely important to us. Starting on Sunday, May, 1 we will begin our trademark Fortnightly updates. These updates will occur every 2 weeks from now until fulfillment of the game is complete, regardless of whether or not there is anything to report. We will also include some more daily puzzles, video tutorials, and other initiatives in these updates. But best of all, our updates are full of progress bars showing you every single type of work we have remaining and how much of it we've finished.

What happens now?

We sleep.  Our team will take a short break for the remainder of the week.  We will answer direct messages via Kickstarter.  We have also set up a special support email address: which goes to our team.   Monday we begin working our tails off again to bring this baby to completion as efficiently and accurately as we can.

Thanks again to everyone!

Keep rollin' sixes,

Team Roxley.

Love wins with only 24 Hours Remaining!
about 6 years ago – Tue, May 03, 2016 at 09:14:19 PM

Love wins! 

Thank you to everyone who helped out unlocking the Boss Stretchgoal!  We are now including a 24 page, full color storybook in every Kickstarter copy!

Urania - Muse of Astronomy - You may move a Builder off the edge of the board. If you do, it enters space on the opposite edge.

Hestia - Goddess of the Home - You may build twice if your moved builder is in the central nine spaces.  This god was co-created by Gordon and Michael Van Biesbrouck

Siren - At the start of the game place an arrow token on Siren and pointing in one of the eight directions. Instead of your normal turn, try to move any or all opponents one step in the direction of the arrow according to normal movement rules.

Fates - Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos - Before the start of the game take the Map and secretly choose a 2x2 square. If an opponent wins by moving into one of these spaces - you win instead. Play with 3 builders. This god was designed by Paul Saxberg!

Zeus - Ruler of the Gods - Get two other gods. At the end of your turn either play one god face-up.

Terpsichore - Muse of Music and Dance - You may move both builders. If you choose to do this, you must also build with both builders.

Jason - Once instead of a normal move - move a new builder onto the ground level on the perimeter of the board.  Created by Michael Van Biesbrouck.

Chaos - Choose seven god cards plus chaos. Shuffle them into a facedown stack. Before an opponent's turn the opponent flips the topmost card onto a face-up stack. If it is Chaos they skip their turn and the deck is reshuffled.

 There were a massive number of homebrew photos in our inbox.  We will not be able to feature them all, but here are a few of them!

very cool board here!
very cool board here!
Krosmasters... love those minis!
Krosmasters... love those minis!
Tabletop Simulator
Tabletop Simulator
nice lego rendition
nice lego rendition
Darkness... no parents
Darkness... no parents
No clue what these things are, but hey... whatever works!
No clue what these things are, but hey... whatever works!

Boss Stretchgoal - A Kickstarter Exclusive!
about 6 years ago – Tue, May 03, 2016 at 09:13:59 PM

Kickstarter Exclusive Storybook

If we stop Ares, we will unlock the Boss Stretchgoal: An illustrated, 24 page soft cover storybook and Zeus God card!  Every Kickstarter copy will receive this book.  It will not be sold with retail base or retail expansion of the game.  The Zeus god card will be a part of both.

Storybook Upgrade 

If the Boss Stretchgoal is unlocked, Zeus copies will receive a size upgrade to their hard cover books - from 8" to 10". The name of every Zeus backer will also be noted in all soft and hard cover storybooks! 

This a final stretchgoal will also allow us to increase the overall art budget for the story book, making it much more detailed and beautiful, it will also allow us to upgrade the total page count from 12 to 24! The hardcover story book will remain a Zeus exclusive.

We will be releasing the final set of Zeus Edition copies Monday April 24,2016 at 10pm MDT. 

The Zeus Upgrades: 

The final set of Zeus copies will come with all previous upgrades as well as:

  • 1 X Mini Poster Character Collage 
  • 2 X Character art buttons
  • 1 X Roxley Fridge Magnet & Button

If final Stretchgoal is reached: 

  • 1 X Softcover Storybook 
  • Hardcover book size increase 8" -> 10"
  • Hardcover book increased detail and resolution 
  • 12 additional pages in book 

Ya, we'll count these towards the Boss Stretchgoal Total! So only 12 more needed!

Aleksandar Deejay
Aleksandar Deejay
I Spend Too Much Here
I Spend Too Much Here
Mike Loftus
Mike Loftus

Mr Cuddington will be doing a live Twitch Stream where they will be working on Hephaestus.  This is your chance to ask them questions live and watch their process!

Mr Cuddington Live Q&A Twitch session: 

When: Monday, April 25rd 9pm-11pm EST